Easy Auger II (with Maximum Drive)

Ea-93 SPT Hydraulic Reversible Auger Self-Propelled

Rear Tine
  • Self-propelled walk behind
  • Forward-reverse auger rotation
  • Forward-reverse hydraulic wheel drive
  • Handle swivels for vertical holes on hills
  • Extra wide pneumatic tires
  • Drill from 2" to 18" diameter holes
  • "All Hydraulic"
  • 1 year warranty
  • patent-pending towable self-propelled feature

Key Features


  • Fence Post
  • Deck Footings
  • Pole barn footing
  • Mobile home anchors
  • Planting trees and shrubs
  • Soil samples
  • Perk tests


  • Maximum torque of 350 foot pounds with auger speed up to 150 rpms
  • Forward – Reverse hydraulic drive
  • Augers 2” to 18” diameter
  • Easy access to service points
  • 20” tires on 4:80x12 mag wheels that are hub mounted for easy service
  • 34” wheel base to provide excellent stability at highway speeds
  • Tows from engine cradle for proper tongue weight, no fishtailing, no bulky tow bar

Forward/reverse auger and wheel rotation controlled by selector valve and toggle lever.

Powerful 8 gpm hydraulic pump - up to 350 ft. lbs. of torque. No belts, gears or shear-pins to wear or break.

Highway-rated tow package for 2 inch ball.


Length 105" (266.7 cm)
Width 34"  (87.7 cm)
Height 33"  (83.82 cm)
Weight 410 lbs. (186 kg)
Tires 4.80" x 12"(Highway rated)
Engine 9 HP Honda,  9 HP Robin
Fuel Tank 6.4 Quarts (6.05 L)
Hydraulic Tank 8.5 Quarts (8.04 L), Type ISO VG68 Rating
Drive System Single wheel hydraulic drive.  Full forward and reverse. Wheel drive motor disengaged and free wheeling when in drilling mode. Free-wheel mode for towing.
Auger System Patented auger drive provides power when you need it with torque up to 350 foot pounds and a variable auger speed of 75 to 150 rpms.
Control System Single control handle integrating both the wheel drive and the auger drive. Two position selector valve regulates hydraulic flow between the two drive circuits.
Safety Features Control handle is spring loaded to return to neutral when released. Both the wheel drive and the auger drive will stop when the handle is released. Engine stop switch located on the operators control handle.  The hydraulic control valve has a built-in pressure relief valve to protect all the hydraulic components.